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Cubis®II の接続性とコンプライアンス

製薬会社やGxPコンプライアンスを必要とするお客様向けに、ザルトリウスのCubis II電子天びんは、ラボ環境へスマートに統合し、接続要件を満たすプレミアムバランスです。

データインテグリティや21 CFR Part 11に準拠した電子署名やレポート機能など、


Traditional Batch vs Multi-Column Chromatography

Making the switch from single batch to multi-column chromatography can dramatically reduce resin utilization, reducing costs and eliminating bottlenecks without sacrificing quality. This animated feature compares the traditional, single batch approach to a multi-column alternative for mAb capture.

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Octet®️ Platform: BLI Applications

Label-Free High-Quality Kinetics and Quantitation in Real-Time - The Octet®️ platform is a comprehensive solution for screening and characterizing molecular interactions such as protein-protein or protein-drug interactions. It enables an enviable variety of applications throughout the drug discovery and development process — from early selection to validation to manufacturing. Also, BLI-based analysis is widely used in biopharma and academic research. Octet®️ label-free molecular interaction analysis provides critical information for specificity and affinity of biomolecular interactions for monitoring concentration and Critical Quality Attributes (CQA) in basic research, drug discovery, and bio-therapeutics manufacturing.

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